Dogyrace Whitepaper


Dogyrace NFT Game
The NFT is a non-fungible token that is a unit of data that is stored on a blockchain and attests that a digital asset is unique and therefore cannot be duplicated.
We know that this concept of digital property is still very new, and there is certainly a valid argument of potentially increasing the value of an authentic and non-replicable NFT with a fully transparent property.
From Dogyrace we have thought of several ways to do this but certainly the most profitable for the players and for the creators was to monopolize the market and create a decentralized platform on dog racing that is sustained on the blockchain that allows players to bet on races, compete with their own dogs and also acquire the dog tracks to take a percentage of the races.
We decided to create Dogyrace to take the betting world to another level and make it secure and totally transparent to be able to play with total security.
Last modified 11mo ago