Dogyrace Whitepaper

NFT Tokens

The NFT technology allows to obtain unique dogs represented in NFT chips. Each dog has its own characteristics and is different from the rest, it is different and each one will have a different rarity. They can be bought and sold in the marketplace of the site.
DogyRace token($DOR): $DOR is an BEP20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) blockchain. It can serve players as an in-game utility currency or simply to convert it into a store of value. The use of $DOR for in-game transactions allows us to reduce the costs of transaction fees, keeping them to a minimum. External contributors to the project will get the DogyRace currency as a reward in the form of payment. This will increase the interest in continuing to play the game. All transactions within the game will be carried out in $DOR.
This guarantees a constant volume of tokens and a circulating supply. Deposits via cryptocurrencies or traditional payment methods such as a credit card is automatically and transparently converted to DogyRace token.